Non-partisan Education



Non-partisan Education

What We Do

Millions of individuals follow and promote NRA’s issues, but far too many never make it to the ballot box to cast their votes. It is the mission of the NRA Freedom Action Foundation to identify these individuals through rigorous research, reach out to them, and teach the importance of exercising their precious voting rights.

The NRA Freedom Action Foundation is dedicated to providing non-partisan Second Amendment education to all American citizens. Through these efforts, we strive to reach all citizens, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status with respect to the history and meaning of the Second Amendment. Our efforts focus on specific communities of interest as well as college campuses.

With a distinguished history of building one of the strongest non-partisan grassroots mobilization programs, the NRA must further its reach to a growing and changing America. Through the NRA Freedom Action Foundation, NRA can expand far beyond its membership to reach other freedom-loving Americans, regardless of party affiliation or political orientation.


Don’t buy the gun just to lose the freedom!

Elections are more important than ever for the future

of our country and our Second Amendment rights.

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